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    Additional Shares Tendered By Eligible Shareholders In Buyback of Private Company

    Posted By : SARIKA / Published on : 01-Jul-2022 08:26 AM / View : 272 / Comment : 0

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    Can Shareholder Tender Additional Shares Than Its Eligible Offer Made by Company under Buyback offer?

    If yes, then Under Which section or Rule it is given under companies act?

    as per Rule 17(6) States That " In case the number of shares or other specified securities offered by the shareholders or security holders is more than the total number of shares or securities to be bought back by the company, the acceptance per shareholder shall be on proportionate basis out of the total shares offered for being bought back."

    It Says about Proportion but I want to know additional shares in case other members not tendering and remaining shares to offered to other member.

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