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    Alteration of MOA

    Posted By : Kartik / Published on : 12-Jul-2022 05:50 AM / View : 266 / Comment : 1

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    Dear Members!

    While following the procedure of Alteration of MOA, Whether each page of Amended MOA is required to be signed by director of the company along with the stamp of Company? If yes, please refer the legal provision in support.
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    • Dear Kartik,


      Glad you asked this query, it made me to cover the miscellaneous but one of the important aspects of company Law, moving on the query

      yes every page  of altered MOA is required to be signed by director,

      the reference to this fact has been given in Rule 8(6) Co.( Registration offices and fees) Rules 2014.

      Rule8(6)  is quoted here for your reference:

      Scanned image of documents shall be of original signed documents relevant to the e-forms or forms and the scanned document image shall not be left blank without bearing the actual signature of authorised person.


      Hope it helps,

      Thank you

      16-07-2022 / 05:11:18 AM
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