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    Amendment of bye laws of society

    Posted By : CS Gaurav / Published on : 05-Jun-2018 05:13 AM / View : 689 / Comment : 1

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    Dear Members, Please advise the procedure and drafts for amendment of MOA/ bye laws (charter) of Delhi society.
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    • Procedure of Amending Byelaws
      Office of The 
      Registrar Cooperative Societies (Delhi Admn.)
      Old Court's Building, Parliament Street,
      New Delhi- 110 001. 

      No. 683-703 Dated : 27.4.84

      The Presidents & Secretaries,
      All Cooperative, Thrift & Credit Societies,

      Sub.: Amendment of Bye-Laws


      It is observed that the Thrift & Credit cooperatives often send their applications for Amendment of Bye-Laws, but in number of cases it is seen that the societies do not fulfil the legal requirements of the Delhi Cooperative Societies Act, 1972 and the Rules framed there under, with the result we have to reject their proposals, which evidently causes extra work for the societies as well as this office.

      In order to stream-line the process of amendment of Bye-Laws, the procedure is reiterated as follows

      1.The Agenda for calling the General Body should be issued 14 clear days in advance in case of Annual General Body Meeting 7 clear days in case of Special General Body Meeting). In addition to 14 and 7 days 2 days should be given for postage.

      2.The Agenda should be posted under ‘Postal Certificate’ to all the Members. In case the members belong to one office, the Agenda may be delivered personally in taken of which signature of each member should be obtained, if some members are not available, the Agenda should be sent to them under Postal Certificate.

      3.In the Agenda an item should be provided ………………………. ‘To consider amendment of Bye-Laws Nos ………………………. and a state­ment showing the Existing and Proposed Bye-Laws should be enclosed. 

      4.In the General Body Meeting when a resolution is passed, complete Bye-Law proposed to be amended should be recorded in the minutes. Two Office Bearers should be authorised to submit application for the purpose. 

      5.After passing the Resolution in the General Body Meeting the application should be submitted in the Office of Registrar Cooperative societies within 2 months from the date of the General Body Meeting.

      6.The following papers should be accompanied with the application giving reasons justifying such amendment of Bye-Laws

      (a) One Photo-state Copy of the minutes of the General Body Meeting.

      (b) Four Copies of the text of bye-Laws showing Existing arid Proposed Bye-Laws duly signed by the office bearers.

      (c) One Copy of the Agenda issued to all members.

      (d) Photo-state Copy of the Certificate of posting, showing that Agenda was issued to all the members and or photo-state copy of proof of delivery of Agenda to members.

      (e) A Certificate should be given that provisions of Rule 15 and 56 have been followed. The certificate should be in the following form “Certified that the total number of members of the Society are and that Agenda has been issued to all of them. It is further certified that the provision of the Rules 15 and 56 of the Delhi Cooperative societies Rules, 1973 (as amended up-to-date) have been complied with.Secretary/President”

      (f) whether profits have been allocated and payment been made to the Cooperative Education Fund, if so give details.

      (g) In case the proposed amendment is to increase the loan limit, one copy of the latest Balance Sheet and one copy of the last Audited Statement of Accounts should be enclosed.

      In case the above procedure is not followed the application for amendment of Bye-Laws shall not be approved.
      Yours faithfully

      (Sanat Kaul)
      Cooperative Societies Delhi Admn.
      08-06-2018 / 01:21:55 PM
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