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    Posted By : Shiriti / Published on : 12-May-2018 03:02 AM / View : 111 / Comment : 4
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    In case the appointment of an auditor is not ratified by the shareholders at annual general meeting as required under proviso to Section 139(1), what recourse does the company have?
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    • Dear,

      We all know retifictaion is done only one paper, there is no form is required to be filed with mca.

      so if you have mentioned about retification in agm then that will be enough.

      the only problem you may face is " if the company is a listed company, where the notice is required to be published and the votings are done electronically"


      in that case you cant do anything as you are not required to file any form here.


      12-05-2018 / 11:08:18 AM
    • Alright, Thank you so much Abhilash. 

      14-05-2018 / 05:41:11 AM
    • As per Companies Amendment Act, 2015 the requirement of ratification of auditors by members is omitted.

      15-05-2018 / 12:44:30 PM
    • Yes, You are right Garima arvg, but before Companies Amendment Act, 2015, there was no any Implications on non-ratification of an auditor in AGM given or provided, so what will be consequences or remedies available ??  

      16-05-2018 / 06:49:49 AM

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