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    Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

    Posted By : Sumit / Published on : 13-Nov-2017 12:35 PM / View : 698 / Comment : 2
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    Is there any E-Form is to be filed for appointment of Chief Executive Officer and if yes then under which section it will be filed in case of public listed company
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    • Dear Sumit,

      There are three forms required to be filed.

      1. MGT-14 Filing of Resolutions to the Registrar Under section 179(3) Rule 8(2) and Section 117(3) (c);

      2. DIR-12 Filing of particulars of appointment to the Registrar under section 15 Rule 8; and

      3. MR-1 Filing of Return of Appointment to the Registrar under section 196 Rule 3

      Best, Gaurav.

      13-11-2017 / 05:29:40 PM
    • The Company has already one Managing Director and Rule 8(2) of Companies (Meetings of the Board and its Powers) Rules, 2014 talks about removal or appointment of KMP and we have not appointed CEO as KMP, and Section 117(3)(c) talks about the appointment and reappointment of Managing Director and not about the chief Executive Officer     

      16-11-2017 / 09:31:27 AM

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