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    Articleship Required

    Posted By : Rohit / Published on : 15-Mar-2018 05:48 AM / View : 703 / Comment : 2

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    Getting articleship in Pune In baking Sector Is good For semi qualified CS.. ?
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    • Hi Rohit,

      I believe that "Articleship should be taken from a firm in interested Sector". Interested Sector depends upon your own Dream Job in which you would like to explore your future. For Example, if you love to work in an MNC after CS, then you should do your Articleship from such Company. And Pune is a Good City for Professionals like us.

      28-07-2018 / 07:49:24 PM
    • Hi devashish

      Thanks for  suggestion, Actully Joined the articleship under videocon group but under PCS registered i am. AS everyone know about Financial Crisis of videocon. here i am learing regarding late companis may be they did not files proper forms To ROC so at this time ROC demanding suitable forms and minutes of meeting etc etc. here i am getting 1956+2013 knowledge but not at all Finance and taxation part. and may this company will be windup earlier so what should i do.. Suggest me please


      01-10-2018 / 04:09:59 AM
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