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    Attachments in Form 24 LLP

    Posted By : CS Gaurav / Published on : 20-Oct-2017 09:06 PM / View : 9179 / Comment : 11

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    Hello members, I had filed form 24 for closure of LLP. It has come into resubmission with following remarks. Notarised affidavit ( with Rs. 200 stamp duty) and indemnity bond( with Rs. 500/ stamp duty) to be attached as per Ministry Notification [f. no. 17/61/2016 CL-V]G.S.R470(E) DATED 16/05/2017 regarding LLP rule 2009 under rule 37 (1) for striking of llp 2)consent of DP/P(with letter head of llp),creditors noc,CA cerificate Board resolution of llp to be attached as per details mentioned in llp e- f24. Audited financial statement (not older than one month) to be nill for striking off of LLP3) proof of all compliance(current ITR,update filing position etc)/ attachments to be completed as per Ministry notification.put up for order pl. Can anyone tell me what is CA certificate in this query?? It would be a great help if anyone can share the format of CA certificate with me...
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    •  Gaurav did find the answer to your question- What is the CA certificate, and If the CA certificate and NIL statement of Asset and Liabilities are same documents? Also can we give 1 Affidavit containing details of both the partners or 1 Imdemnity bond from both the partners ?


      15-05-2021 / 03:44:05 PM
    • Hi,

      NIL Statement of Assests and Liabilities have to be taken on CA Letter Head with his UDIN in it. Affidavits have to be given individually by all partners. However, single Indemnity Bond can be executed by all partners with their details in it.

      15-05-2021 / 04:31:47 PM
    • Thank you so much for the info Sir. If at all possible can you please share the single indemnity bond format. It will be a great help

      15-05-2021 / 04:36:43 PM
    • Hi,

      Please find the format of Indemnity Bond for LLP Closure.


      15-05-2021 / 04:45:02 PM
    • Can I redraft the same format for combined Indemnity bond for both the partners?

      15-05-2021 / 04:48:41 PM
    • Yes, you can.

      However, in case of LLP it is recommended to execute Indemnity Bond Individually for all Partners. In case of LLP even the combined one does suffice. It depends on the wisdom of the concerned ROC how they take it.

      All the best!

      15-05-2021 / 04:51:15 PM
    • Oh okay...Thank you so much. Also regarding the affidavit the law says the following: 

      "Affidavit signed by partners, either jointly or severally to the effect: ...."

      Does this interprets that we can jointly make a single affidavit for all the partners?

      15-05-2021 / 04:54:22 PM
    • Hi,

      Affidavit; in general use/parlance; is invaribly executed in individual capacity and not jointly.

      15-05-2021 / 05:01:26 PM
    • Okay thank you so much Gaurav Sir. I will execute both the documents in individual capacity to avoid any resubmissions. Also I am based in Maharashtra so Affidavit will be on Rs 200 stamp paper I guess. Thank you so much I like this platform very much

      15-05-2021 / 05:06:08 PM
    • You are welcome.

      Please take out a moment and leave a review for us.


      15-05-2021 / 05:11:34 PM
    • Sure. A great website should receive great review

      15-05-2021 / 05:13:00 PM
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