Board Resolution under Section 179(3)(f) with limit of Section 186

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    Kindly share Board Resolution to grant loan with the limit under section 186 of Companies Act, 2013.
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    • “RESOLVED THAT pursuant to Section 179, 186 and other applicable provisions, if any, of the Companies Act, 2013 consent of shareholders of the Company be and is hereby accorded to:

      a) Make investment and acquire by way of subscription, purchase or otherwise, Equity shares of any other body corporate, provided that the total amount of such investments shall not exceed Rs. ---------------------------------;

      b) Make investment and acquire by way of subscription, purchase or otherwise, mutual fund (debt) including investment in liquid funds and mutual fund (equity) and total amount shall not exceed Rs. ---------------------------------. Provided that total amount of such investments in mutual fund (equity), out of the above mentioned total of Rs. -----------------------------------------, shall not exceed Rs. -----------------------;

      “RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the Board or a duly constituted Committee thereof be and is hereby authorized to decide and finalize the terms and conditions while making investment within the aforesaid limits as mentioned in above said clause (a) & (b) including the power to transfer, lien and dispose of the investments so made, from time to time, and to execute all deeds, documents and other writings and to do all such acts, deeds and matters and things as may be required and expedient for implementing and giving effect to this resolution.

      RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Mr. -------------------- (DIN: -------------------), Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. ---------------- (DIN: -------------------), Whole time Director, Mr. ---------------------- (DIN: ----------------------) Whole Time Director & CFO and Mr. -----------------------, Company Secretary of the Company be and are hereby severally and/ or jointly authorized to do all such acts, deeds and things and to execute such documents or writings as may be necessary for the purpose of giving effect to this resolution and for matters connected therewith or incidental or ancillary thereto.”

      08-06-2018 / 01:39:56 PM

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