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    Can Company file SH-7 and PAS-3 beyond 300 days?

    Posted By : Shiriti / Published on : 07-Jun-2018 11:28 PM / View : 2372 / Comment : 1

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    Can Company increase its authorised capital and do allotment of shares back dated?? Kindly share your views. Curtsy: CS Neha Gupta
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    • No, a company cannot increase its authorized capital and allot shares backdated.

      Increasing authorized capital requires compliance with certain legal formalities, including filing of necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies, holding of board and shareholder meetings, and payment of fees and stamp duty. All of these formalities must be completed before the increase in authorized capital can be legally recognized.

      Similarly, backdating of share allotment is not allowed under the Companies Act, as it would be considered a violation of the law. Share allotment must be made on the date on which it is approved by the board of directors or shareholders, as the case may be. Any attempt to backdate share allotment may result in legal and regulatory consequences for the company and its directors.

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