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    e-way bill

    Posted By : Shreya Maheshwari / Published on : 30-Mar-2019 05:13 AM / View : 592 / Comment : 2

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    Dear members,

    Please suggest me,

    Whether e-way bill is required where goods transit through another State while moving from one area in a State to another area in a same State ?
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    • Dear Sherya, 

      E-way bill generation is not dependent on whether a supply is inter-State or not, but on whether the movement of goods is inter-State or not.

      Therefore, if the goods transit through a second State while moving from one place in a State to another place in the same State, an e-way bill is required to be generated.

      02-04-2019 / 04:57:41 AM
    • Yes, it is necessary to generate E-Way Bill.

      eWay bill will be generated when there is a movement of goods in a vehicle/ conveyance of value more than Rs. 50,000( either each Invoice or in (aggregate of all Invoices in a vehicle/ Conveyance)# )  –

      • In relation to a ‘supply’
      • For reasons other than a ‘supply’ ( say a return)
      • Due to inward ‘supply’ from an unregistered person
      11-04-2019 / 05:20:16 AM
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