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    FInalisation of accounts

    Posted By : Anuradha / Published on : 25-May-2022 12:52 PM / View : 461 / Comment : 1

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    A company is in the process of getting amalgamated, but the application is pending with NCLT. Accounts are not finalised but the date of AGM is nearby. What should be done in this case
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    • Yes you may file the application with ROC for the Extension of AGM subject to ROC approval.
      Some reasons for extension of AGM are:
      • Mergers & acquisitions
      • Delay in finalizing the Financials Statement
      • Delay in audit reports due to non-availability of auditors because of resignation, death, incapacity to sign or such other valid reason
      • Loss of data in computer due to virus/system problem
      • Natural Calamity or COVID-19 reason (already granted extension  PAN India ROC)
      • Change in financial year subject to justification
      • Non availability of shareholders which may result in absence of quorum
      • Non-availability of directors on the valid grounds- like sudden death of Directors and consequence of this the limit of directors goes below the minimum requirements of directors in Company under co act 2013;
      • Confiscation of Books of accounts by Income Tax Department, Serious and Fraud Investigation Cell or any other Government officials.
      26-05-2022 / 11:42:45 AM
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