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    Forfeited Shares Impact on Form MGT-7

    Posted By : Kamal / Published on : 24-Dec-2021 11:58 AM / View : 1352 / Comment : 0

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    Hello Members,

    When Party paid shares are forfeited by Pvt Company, In balance sheet the amount reflecting under head Share Capital is total of fully paid up and forfeited shares amount.

    While filing Form MGT -7 the details of year closure period here the amount Issued capital, Subscribed capital and Paid up capital is to be mentioned

    My query is

    1. Whether in Issued capital, Subscribed capital does the forfeited shares amount is also to be added? {as the amount for partly paid shares were received}

    2. Paid up Capital amount is to be reduced by number of shares forfeited? then the master data of the company will start reflecting only paid up amount?

    Can any one help in resolving my above two queries.
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