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    How many attendances are required to get full marks in internals at DU?

    Posted By : Dev / Published on : 17-Sep-2017 12:06 AM / View : 1005 / Comment : 2

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    • 66.67% attendance is required as per the university norms. Although most of the colleges are not so strict about it. They allow you to appear in the exams. But the issue of admit cards depends from college to college. Like in our college we were supossed to sign a bond that stated we will have 66.67% attendance in next sem. You have 5 marks for each subject of that attendance. That is given according to your attendance.

      But if you remain short of attendance the discretion remains in the hand of college authorities. They can debard you from the exams. But these cases are only in few colleges and only for first and second year students. 3rd year are exempted from attendance issues. Although marks are alloted according to attendance.

      18-09-2017 / 06:20:24 AM
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