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    How to pass CA/CS/CWA Exam in First Attempt

    Posted By : Devashish / Published on : 24-Sep-2017 07:54 PM / View : 1021 / Comment : 1
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    Please explain some tricks/techniques to be followed to Clear Professional Examinations in First Attempt.
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    • Dear Devashish,

      It is like dream come true for any Professional Aspirant to clear their Exams in their very first attempt.

      To be frank enough, everybody think that it is good luck which helps someone clear the exams in one shot. To clarify which is but; of course; my personal opinion: The reason of not being successful lies in being not well-prepared.

      What are the Do's:

      1. Keep yourself motivated, don't let anybody's comment get you carried away;
      2. Pick up your best prepared question to be answered first;
      3. Use legal language, cite cases and sections to the extent possible;
      4. Before jumping to answer, first understand its essence and then write an introduction, a body and a good conclusion;
      5. Pick up questions from scanner (every chapter) and try solving them regularly;
      6. Focus on conceptual understanding and co-relations among various topics;
      7. Don't focus on memorising, but understanding and analysing the topic;
      8. Cover the course module first and then refer good authors;
      9. Highlight points, underline paragraphs and make small pointers;
      10. Prepare your own notes while reading and comprehending concepts;
      11. Schedule your preparation well in advance with dedicated time lines;
      12. Prepare for two courses at a time; if possible; one theory and one practical;
      13. Two revisions per subject before the examination is must, practice as much as you can;
      14. Highlight the important points, focus on good handwriting and avoid cutting or overwriting;
      15. For case law based questions: write facts, dispute, decision, justification and legal references too;
      16. Substantiate your point by citing references from Bare Acts, Notification, Updates etc.;
      17. Stay away from social media and other distractions, at least for a month before the examination; and
      18. At Last, read the concepts thoroughly, revise them regularly and write exams confidently.

      What are the Don'ts:

      1. Don't spend too much time on answering one question;
      2. Don't get carried away with marking of exams that Institute passes only few people;
      3. Do not mug up concepts, remember: you are not doing Ph.D;
      4. Don't do the selective chapters study.
      5. Don't keep worrying about approaching of exams;
      6. Don't trust completely on Group Studies as it may go wrong;
      7. Don't cut off from family life completely; and
      8. Don't leave any question unattended.

      Things to keep in mind:

      1. Practice more by writing. What you read will prove futile if you cannot reproduce it on the day of exam. 
      2. Study is important but if there something more important: Revision. It is the first and last thing that you must adhere to. Keep revising whatever you read so that you can reproduce well in exams. While doing revision, do it by writing and co-relating things so that a picture is drawn in your mind.
      3. Don’t think it is too critical to pass. If you feel that the course is tough then the course will remain tough even after all your hard work and repeated attempt. Think that you are more tougher and do not listen to the rumours.
      4. If you are undergoing training, it is better to interact with your Trainers and be updated. For this, you can read and contribute regular articles which will give you very good practice and help you while answering in the exam hall.
      5. One thing that can help you to clear exam in very first attempt is that keep thinking of getting AIR, this will land you at least clearing in one go. Here, positive attitude and trust in yourself that Yes, I can do it will go a long way.
      6. Remember that it is futile to be panic in exam halls. Have faith in your hard work.  Take deep breathe for four-five times before the exam starts. Look at the question paper and try to find out your best prepared question to start with so that you leave a positive impression on the Examiner.
      7. Meet more people who have already cleared their Papers, they will guide you better than meeting your friends.
      8. You will face a lot of difficulties while pursuing CS/CA/CMA but remember you will have to cope up all the difficulties and will have to follow the goal of cracking exams in first attempt and this is not like one can not do it, it is just that you have to convince your mind that you can do it. For this, you can meet up those people who have cleared their exams in first attempt.
      9. Remember the golden quotation: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”
      10. Go through the suggested answers of the Institute materials, through you this you will get to know what can be the best answer of any question. This is very essential to pass Exams because I have personally seen that despite having good knowledge if someone lacks in drafting and presentation by charts, table, bullet points, it will always fetch lesser marks in the exams.
      11. Generally, for too many students they take the extra pressure as the exam approach them and the pressure valve is turned on only after the student pays the examination fees.
      12. It brings lot of anxiety, nervousness, and lack of confidence. Rather what one should do is the belief in oneself that what I have studies is sufficient and I have to reproduce this much in exam in much better way than the rest and pass out with flying colours.

      Best, Gaurav.

      12-11-2017 / 09:55:11 AM

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