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    if a company wants to call meeting of creditors

    Posted By : Deepak / Published on : 30-Oct-2017 01:55 PM / View : 1237 / Comment : 3

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    In case of merger, if a company wants to call meeting of creditors. is it practically possible? How can this be done? Can anyone please help me in this regard.
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    • PLease Update Anyone.

      30-10-2017 / 08:27:23 AM
    • No Idea About this Please Contact to any CA or CS regarding this.

      30-10-2017 / 08:30:07 AM
    • Dear Deepak,

      This is possible through written NOC by making request letter for the same to each creditor. Hope this clarifies your concern.

      30-10-2017 / 03:30:24 PM
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