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    illiterate person wants to become a subscriber

    Posted By : damini / Published on : 13-Apr-2020 03:28 PM / View : 790 / Comment : 1

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    An illiterate person wants to become a subscriber, how can he sign as a subscriber to the Memorandum of Association?
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    • He / she should place his thumb impression in place of signature and another person should write his name  and the number of shares held by him below the mark and the person doing this shall also authenticate (as witness) this by his own signature.

      and also the person authenticating the thumb impression shall read and explain the contents of MOA and AOA to the subscriber and make an endorsement to this effect in company’s MOA and AOA.

      I have read on google it too about it.

      14-04-2020 / 03:07:46 AM
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