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    Issues to reapply with the same name

    Posted By : Abhishek Mishra / Published on : 20-Apr-2023 05:06 AM / View : 228 / Comment : 1

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    Hello All.

    What needs to be done when the proposed name applied has already been reserved but due to some issues like (Category/Spelling mistakes etc.), the applicant wants to reapply with the same name?
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    • If you have reserved a name with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) but wish to withdraw it due to a name error,you can also write a letter to the Registrar of Companies along with Withdrawal affidavit stating the reason for withdrawal of name reservation and requesting for the cancellation of the reservation. You will need to provide the details of the previous reservation and the new name that you want to reserve. The Registrar of Companies will process your request and confirm the cancellation of the previous reservation.

      20-04-2023 / 08:07:56 AM
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