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    Posted By : Sohil / Published on : 26-May-2023 05:42 AM / View : 48 / Comment : 1

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    Dear All,

    Are we required to file separate form MGT-14, if we are changing name and object clause of the company by passing special resolution?
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    • Form MGT-14 is used for filing various resolutions and agreements to the RoC. However, please note that the specific filing requirements may vary based on the updates or amendments made by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) from time to time.

      Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) now mandates filing Form MGT-14 for each agenda item separately, then yes, you would need to file separate MGT-14 forms for each special resolution passed at MCA version-3

      In this case, if you have passed two separate special resolutions, one for changing the name of the company and another for altering the object clause, you would need to file two separate MGT-14 forms with the MCA. Each form should contain the relevant details and attachments related to the respective agenda item.

      27-05-2023 / 08:58:09 AM
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