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    Name Rejection With CRC

    Posted By : Kamal / Published on : 26-Nov-2021 06:51 AM / View : 1100 / Comment : 0

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    Dear All,

    Please share your experience on the Name Rejection done by CRC on dissection of the name and then suiting it with some trademark with totally different main objective under same class.

    For eg., Name : misty dance : Main objective of choreography (Class 41)and the same was rejected stating that misty is already a trademark with someone under class 41 and 35

    my objection is as follows:

    1) the name is to read as a whole "misty dance" (ONE WORD) then why do they need to dissect it to find a trademark?

    2) The Trademark Application no. referred in rejection letter has a different main objective that is online education and training though under same class

    3) Case law: Phonepe V/s Bharatpe

    I have written an email to CRC escalation and raised a ticket on the above grounds that there is no logical ground of rejection but they have given a standard copy-paste reply.

    Is there any suggestion, can applying same name again can help me get the name approval in case if goes to different officer?

    Please share experience
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