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    opportunities for CS in investment banking and in capital market

    Posted By : Kiran / Published on : 11-Sep-2017 12:44 PM / View : 879 / Comment : 2

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    What opportunities company Secretary has in investment banking and in capital market ? If it's what is the role in employment ? Any certification course to do with CS ?
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    • Every Company having a capital of 5 cr. or require to appoint CS. 

      However the above limit is too small in the case of NBFC/Invesment banking/capital market all companies required to appoint the CS for the sake of their timely compliance because RBI/SEBI/Stock Echange are most concerned authorities for these types of businesses/industries.

      Further there is no need to obtain any other degree/diploma/certifcate to enter into.


      CS Aman Jain

      11-09-2017 / 08:35:54 AM
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