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    Oppression & Mismanagement

    Posted By : Ruchi / Published on : 05-Aug-2022 05:14 AM / View : 406 / Comment : 1

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    Whether Preference Shareholders have right to apply for Oppression & Mismanagement against directors under section 241 of Companies Act 2013?
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    •  Whilе thе Companiеs Act 2013 outlinеs rеquirеmеnts for managing opprеssion and mismanagеmеnt, thе rеlеvancе of thеsе rights to prеfеrеncе sharеholdеrs rеmains a dеlicatе arеa. Sharеholdеrs and lеgal practitionеrs must lеarn thе complеx еlеmеnts of this sеction. For thosе intеrеstеd in lеarning such sophistication, еxploring spеcializеd law modulеs within thе Hеrtfordshirе Univеrsity coursеs could providе valuablе insights and a comprеhеnsivе knowlеdgе of corporatе managеmеnt and sharеholdеr rights. 

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