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    Prescrutiny error Like "Company Secretary COP / Membership Number is not Valid"

    Posted By : CS Shiriti / Published on : 29-Oct-2017 11:55 PM / View : 10133 / Comment : 4

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    Dear CC Members, In LLP From -8 getting prescrutiny error Like "Company Secretary COP / Membership Number is not Valid" Has any have solution for that ?
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    • Dear CS Shiriti,

      Kindly note that Form 8 always considers COP Number of PCS. Further, this issue comes if you have not registered your DSC as a Professional, or may be due to a reason that PCS has changed any credntials on PAN or ICSI ID Card. If any, apply for the change accordingly and this will help. At last resort, visit ICSI Lodhi HQ Office.



      29-10-2017 / 06:30:43 PM
    • Dear Members

      In Prescruitny of Dir3-KYC I am getting the error. " details of the practicing professional is not valid" . The DSC is registered as a Professional and the name as per Instutute records and PAN is also matching. Please suggest solutions. Thanks.

      18-08-2018 / 07:32:27 AM
    • Dear Harish Chhabra,

      Kindly check all other Cridentials apart from name like father's name , DOB etc. if any mis match then also error will come . if still the issue then kindly raise the Ticket on MCA and Email at along with all Screen shot of errors and details.

      18-08-2018 / 08:00:10 AM
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