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    Producer Company Compliance

    Posted By : SHALU / Published on : 25-Aug-2021 01:09 PM / View : 822 / Comment : 1

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    Hello Members,

    Can anyone help me with the compliance of Producer Company?
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      • Name of Company shall include “Producer Company Limited” as the last words of the name of such Company.
      • Every Producer Company shall have at least five and not more than fifteen directors.
      • Every Producer Company shall have a full time Chief Executive, by whatever name called, to be appointed by the Board from amongst persons other than Members.
      • A Producer Company shall hold its first annual general meeting within a period of ninety days from the date of its incorporation
      • A general meeting of the Producer Company shall be called by giving not less than fourteen days prior notice in writing.
      • The share capital of a Producer Company shall consist of equity shares only and shall be held by members only.
      • Every Producer Company having an average annual turnover exceeding five crore rupees in each of three consecutive financial years shall have a whole-time secretary.
      25-08-2021 / 05:29:56 PM
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