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    Posted By : CS Shiriti / Published on : 05-Feb-2019 06:04 AM / View : 108 / Comment : 2
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    Auditor appointed in a pvt co for 5 yr in 2015 , he resigned in April 2017, Company appoint the same firm as auditor for fy 2016-17 in egm on June 2017.

    Query is for how many years the auditor will be appointed at agm 2017 ?

    Whether it will be 5 yr or we need to count previous year engagement also and appoint for rest term ?
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    • I would also like to suggest to check first, whether such rotation of auditor is applicable to such private company or not, 

      Term is 5 consecutive years, if vacant in between then cooling period start from such gap...

      07-02-2019 / 04:41:58 PM
    • Thank you so much for your prompt Reply  Hitesh Alwani

      08-02-2019 / 04:45:06 AM

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