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    Re: Auditor Resignation

    Posted By : SARIKA / Published on : 15-Mar-2022 01:08 PM / View : 60 / Comment : 0
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    Hello All,

    A query: a Pvt. Company was incorporated in Oct 2020, first year ends on march 31...first auditor apt till date of first AGM held in Nov 21...auditor filed ADT 3 in Jan 2022 effective 30 Jan 22...and did not do audit of march 31...Now our CA firm is apt as Auditor...the question is how the CA firm do the audit of march such the first auditor vacates its office in first AGM i.e. Nov technically his ADT 3 is our firm can be apt in Nov 21 for 5 years but how to audit march 21 financials

    One solution is AGM to be held on Nov 1, 21 were our auditor is apptd...but accounts adoptions is not done so AGM adjourned...file un adopted financials wed MCA...then before Dec 30 (since first AGM) to hold one general meeting to adopt financials march 31 and file the same wed MCA...can this be done

    Can auditor apt in Nov 21 do audit of march 31, 21...kindly guide in this matter
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