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    Resignation of Designated Partner

    Posted By : Prerna / Published on : 23-May-2021 11:30 AM / View : 73 / Comment : 1
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    Plz guide how to change the designated partner of the llp to the partner.. What is the secretarial procedure? When filing Form-4 and 3, it is showing that there is a difference in FOrm-4 and Form-3 details despite the fact that I have shown change in Form -3,for the designated partner who is resigning...
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    • Hi Prerna,

      You need to file Form 3 and 4 of LLP in a combined form.

      Consider change from Designated Partner to Partner, you need to ensure that minimum number of Designated Partners do not fall below two.

      25-05-2021 / 10:11:31 AM

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