S. 72A of income tax Act

    Posted By : Nikki / Published on : 23-Oct-2017 11:01 PM / View : 473 / Comment : 1
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    Does provisions of s. 72A of income tax Act override s. 79 of income-tax act 1961??
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    • Dear Nikki

      There is a bit difference between Provisions of Both the Section. 

      Section 72A considers Unabsorbed Depreciation whereas Section 79 does not. 

      Section 72A is applicable only for Limited entity (Like Indusrial Undertakings, Banking Company and PSU) but Section 79 has a wider scope.

      In my view, if in any case where both section are conflicting each other then Section 72A will surely override Section 79 (orderwise application of sections). 

      23-10-2017 / 06:51:36 PM

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