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    Posted By : CS Gaurav / Published on : 09-May-2018 03:46 AM / View : 124 / Comment : 0
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    Dear All 1) There is one Small pvt company who had availed CC on 22.09.2016 which is closed on 06.01.2018 and on the same date Company availed Hypothecation loan which was closed on 21.04.2018 and both charge created on the same date and charge Id of both the loan is same so now which date should be taken as date of satisfaction of charge?? 2) Secondly, the charge was created and sanctioned on 09.09.2016 but in NOC it is menioned 22.09.2016, so in this case, May I have to ask the bank to the change the date in NOC?? 3) In CHG-4, there is one point in declaration of chargeholder which is "I/we am/are a multilateral/International financial institution who has/have been exempted from payment of income tax in India under the UN Privileges and Immunities Act." what is that...whether we have to check that box or not??? Kindly share your views asap. Thanks in advance.
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