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    Section 8 Micro Finance company

    Posted By : Sachin / Published on : 03-May-2021 12:53 PM / View : 304 / Comment : 1

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    Dear Friends,

    I want to incorporate section 8 micro finance company. I heard from the group that ROC wont allow to incorporate as of now.

    Is this true friends? If you have any circular or something than please share.

    Thank you.
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    • Sec. 8 Companies can’t incorporate or amend Object Clause to include microfinance activities.

      A Section 8 Company is a company formed under the Companies Act, 2013 with the primary purpose to promote non-profit objectives such as trade, commerce, arts, charity, education, religion, environment protection, social welfare, sports research, etc. However, it cannot be formed for carrying on micro-finance activities.

      Owing to the nature of activities carried by the Section 8 Companies, they have been provided several exemptions and relaxations from complying with the provisions of the act.

      Once such relaxation is that the Sec. 8 company is not required to comply with the stringent criteria of “Net Owned Funds” as prescribed by RBI.

      MCA has observed a market wide-practice that was being followed to amend the main object of the Sec 8 company to include micro-finance activities. Companies were being incorporated without including micro-finance activities in main objects and later main objects were amended for inclusion of micro-finance activities by altering MOA.

      Thus, to curb this practice, MCA has directed the ROCs not to accept such applications for incorporation of Section 8 company or amending its main object, where it proposes Micro-finance activities as its main activities.






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