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    Share Transfer at Premium in Private Limited Company

    Posted By : Sachin / Published on : 11-Jun-2022 05:22 AM / View : 664 / Comment : 0

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    Hello All,

    A is the private limited company with paid up capital of Rs. 1 lac and B Pvt. Ltd. And c Pvt. Ltd. Are its shareholders. B Pvt. Ltd. Wanted to sell its shares to Mr. x other than existing shareholders.

    The paperwork should be:

    1. Notice by transferor to company A
    2. Letter by company to A to existing shareholder stating of such proposal at same price or higher price
    3. Intimation to transferor by the A company that the existing shareholder is not interested. So you can sell the share to non existing member
    4. Application to purchase shares by Mr. X to B Pvt. Ltd.
    5. BR by B Pvt. Ltd. For agreeing to sell the shares to Pvt. Ltd. And asking A Pvt. Ltd. To get the valuation of shares done as per general accounting standard.
    6. Application to transfer shares and valuation of shares by B Pvt. Ltd. To A company
    7. br by B Pvt. Ltd. to sell the shares at a premium amount Rs. 15 as valuation done by the auditor of A company
    8. Application to sell the share and giving transfer instrument along with share certificate by B Pvt. Ltd. To A company
    9. Sh-4 along with Share certificate
    10. BR for transfer of shares by A company

    Is this the correct way to proceed with transfer of shares?

    *AOA Provisions in this regard:

    The board may subject to right of appeal conferred by section 58 decline to register
    a) the transfer of share, not being a fully paid share, to a person who they do not approve

    Can we assume in the said clause of AOA permit the transfer of share to non existing if the board approves.

    *Share transfer stamp duty should be 0.015 of the said amount.
    *Do we need to pay stamp duty online or adhere to the share transfer stamp duty affixed in sh-4 is sufficient. The state is UP

    *Also while mentioning in the sh-4 column the nominal value of each unit of security should be Rs. 10, amount called up per unit of security should Rs. 15, amount paid per unit of security should be Rs. 15.

    *Also is the valuation of shares by the auditor mandatory?

    *Should we also offer a premium amount of Rs. 15 from existing shareholders or face value of Rs. 10 each is sufficient.

    Also in future if c Pvt. Ltd. Want to sell its share can it transfer the share at face value or is a premium amount mandatory?

    Please revert to my queries.
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