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    Spice + Part A

    Posted By : Abhishek Mishra / Published on : 19-Apr-2023 07:12 AM / View : 240 / Comment : 1

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    Dear All,

    What is the functionality of Extend the name in Spice + Part A?
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    • In SPICE, which stands for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis, "Extend the name" is a feature that allows you to add a suffix to the name of a particular circuit element. The suffix is typically a letter or number and is used to differentiate between multiple instances of the same type of element in a circuit.

      For example, if you have two resistors with the same resistance value in your circuit, you can use "Extend the name" to give each resistor a unique identifier. You could label the first resistor R1 and the second resistor R2 by adding a suffix using "Extend the name".

      In SPICE Part A, which is a version of SPICE that includes additional features for analyzing and simulating analog and mixed-signal circuits, "Extend the name" can be used in the same way to differentiate between multiple instances of the same circuit element. This can be helpful when analyzing complex circuits with many similar elements, as it allows you to easily identify and manipulate specific parts of the circuit.

      19-04-2023 / 11:00:05 AM
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