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    status of mgt-7 - pending for upload investor wise details

    Posted By : prachi / Published on : 12-Jun-2021 05:51 PM / View : 1576 / Comment : 1

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    actually while upload mgt-7 i have selected option no for list of shareholder is enclosed .
    and now srn status is showing that pending for upload investor wise detail .
    please can u help me for provide solution of this problem
    i dont knw how to upload investor wise details
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    • Yes, you had to Attached LOS in the Form itself as you selected NO option therefore asking for a Separate CD for LOS.


      Whether complete list of

      shareholders, debenture holders has been enclosed

      as an attachment

      In case of attachment size for list of shareholders and debenture holders is high, then select the option No and submit the complete particulars to jurisdictional Registrar of Companies in CD/Digital media.

      In case the company is not having share capital then select Yes option but no need to attach the list.

      15-06-2021 / 06:01:25 AM
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