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    Posted By : Sohil / Published on : 19-May-2023 04:15 AM / View : 237 / Comment : 1

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    Dear All.

    As we all know that form STK-2 is now on V3 portal and in this form MCA is asking for STK-8 (Statement of account) in excel sheet, further it is asking for STK-3A, both as the mandatory attachments. Although STK-3A is applicable for the Government company. Any suggestions?
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    • If you're unsure about the requirements or if you believe there might be an error in the form, consider reaching out to the MCA helpline or support services for clarification. They should be able to provide guidance on whether STK-3A is mandatory for your company's filing. Read more: drift hunters unblocked

      25-03-2024 / 02:26:21 AM
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