Unsecured Loan from Promoter whether Exempt from Deposit

    Posted By : CS Gaurav / Published on : 09-May-2018 11:09 PM / View : 1143 / Comment : 0
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    Dear Experts, The deposit Rules provides the list of the persons which are not treated as deposit... viz. i. Amount from government and guaranteed by government. ii. Amount received from foreign government or foreign Bank. iii. Loan from Banks and Financial Institutions. iv. Amount received against commercial paper. v. Inter corporate borrowing. vi. Subscription to securities and call in advance. vii. Amount from Directors. viii. Secured Bonds/debentures. ix. Convertible bonds/debentures. x. Non-interest bearing security deposit from employee. xi. Amount in trust. xii. Advance and security deposit received by company. xiii. Unsecured loans from promoters. xiv. Amount accepted by Nidhi Company. Hence, if we show all the shareholders as Promoters in the Annual Return then whether the Deposit received from them will be except from Deposit ?
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