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    Vienna Codification

    Posted By : Disha / Published on : 26-May-2023 05:13 AM / View : 193 / Comment : 1

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    What is Vienna Codification under Trademark Act 1999?
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    • you should know there is no specific reference to the "Vienna Codification" under the Trademark Act of 1999.

      The Trademark Act of 1999 in India is the legislation governing trademarks and their registration in the country. But, the "Vienna Codification" refers to the Vienna Agreement Establishing an International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks, which is an international treaty related to trademark registration. It was adopted in Vienna, Austria, in 1973 and revised in 1985. The treaty created a system for the classification of figurative elements (such as logos, images, and designs) of trademarks for registration purposes.

      The Vienna Classification consists of a set of numerical codes that represent different categories, divisions, sections, and subclasses of figurative elements. These codes provide a standardized way to classify and search for trademarks based on their visual characteristics. The classification helps in organizing and searching trademark databases, facilitating the registration process and international trademark searches.

      Although the Vienna Codification itself is not specifically mentioned in the Indian Trademark Act of 1999, the act provides provisions for the registration of trademarks, including figurative elements or logos. The Act outlines the requirements, procedures, and legal provisions related to trademark registration in India.

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