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    Voluntary Strike Off

    Posted By : Kamal / Published on : 09-Dec-2021 08:07 AM / View : 1048 / Comment : 1

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    Dear Sir,

    If we want to apply for voluntary strike off for closure of a company whose annual filling of march 21 is due we need to file that mandatory before applying for closure of a company ?

    Company got incorporated in Sept 19 and march 2020 compliance done.

    Read more on : strike voluntary

    • Voluntary Strike Off refers to the process by which a company or business can be removed from the register of companies in a given jurisdiction. This process is typically initiated by the directors or shareholders of the company who wish to voluntarily wind up or dissolve the company.

      The process of Voluntary Strike Off typically involves several steps, including the following:

      1. Board Meeting: The directors of the company hold a board meeting to pass a resolution approving the voluntary winding up of the company.

      2. Shareholder Meeting: A general meeting of the shareholders is held to pass a special resolution approving the voluntary winding up of the company.

      3. Filing with Regulatory Authorities: The company must file the necessary forms and documents with the relevant regulatory authorities to initiate the process of Voluntary Strike Off. The documents typically include a notice of intent to strike off the company and a statement of solvency.

      4. Publication of Notice: The company must publish a notice of its intention to be struck off in the relevant gazette or publication.

      5. Waiting Period: After the notice has been published, there is a waiting period of usually three months during which time any interested parties can object to the Voluntary Strike Off.

      6. Final Steps: If there are no objections, the company will be struck off the register of companies, and it will be deemed to have been dissolved. Any remaining assets of the company will be distributed among the shareholders.

      In conclusion, Voluntary Strike Off is a process by which a company can be voluntarily wound up or dissolved. The process involves several steps and requires compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. It is important to work with a qualified professional to ensure that the process is completed correctly and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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