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    What are the benefits of registering a trademark?

    Posted By : SHALU / Published on : 10-Aug-2022 06:24 AM / View : 239 / Comment : 1

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    Please share the scheme available for registered Trademark and how its give benefit to the owner ?
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    • Registration of the Trademark confers the proprietor, exclusive use of the mark and helps the consumers to distinguish between different products or services of registered trademark from those of others. when consumers see a trademark, they often associate it with a certain level of quality, for instance, "BATA" is a registered and well known trademark which assured the quality and comfort in footwears and can easily influence the purchasing desicions of the consumers.

      Once a proprietor registered its trademark, it gives you an exclusive right to take legal action against a party who attempts to violate your right by making unauthorised use of your trademark. If you register your brand under a particular class it will not automatically protect your brand from infringement in other classes also.

      The benefits of trademark registration not only provide legal protection against potential infringement and unauthorised use, but it also provide Brand Recognition, Consumers Trust and Overall Business Growth. A registered trademark serves as a valuable asset for a proprietor and enabling him to expand the business confidently. 



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