What is the minimum age required for getting pan card?

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    It is not necessary to ask for a specific age to receive a PAN card. You can keep your own card on your own. Documents must be submitted to prove the parent's identity and address. The age of the youngest is required with document 2 photo proof.First you will get a pan card without a photo card. After crossing the minority, the applicant may file the amendment of the Ban Data, give her photographs and renew his signature to the Income Tax authorities, which will renew his PAN card.
    There is no minimum age for receiving Pan Card. Any person who is Indian citizen is eligible to receive a PAN card. If any person is small, a pin card is printed rather than a small card.

    Small, initially PAN card photo and without signature are provided. After major changes, the PAN should apply for change in the data. There are most people under the idea that the application for PAN card can only be modified by 18 persons, but this is a myth. Even if the pan card is issued, the minorities are also allocated. PAN card is also mandatory for children if they wish to nominate themselves to the investors as shares, assets or other finances.

    PAN is compulsory for filing Income tax returns.No there is no requirement for apply for PAN card. But below 18 years IT will provide PAN CARD with mentioned MINOR on card. The thing to note is that the small card does not come on photo cards.

    You have to be responsible for providing accounts in the income of minorities. The record in India is of a baby of 6 days old got a PAN card. I am not sure about it. I read it somewhere. No minimum age. Any aged person can get a PAN card.

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