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    What should be the SRN No. to be given in AOC-4

    Posted By : NISHA / Published on : 13-Sep-2017 06:24 PM / View : 10249 / Comment : 3

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    I am filing form AOC-4 and it is asking for ADT-1 SRN. But SRN of ADT-1 is not required while filing the form for 1st AGM. What should be filled in place of ADT-1 SRN details?
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    • Dear Nisha,

      For First AGM AOC-4, you have to feed Z99999999

      This will suffice.

      14-09-2017 / 05:26:27 AM
      • Dear Sir,

        If we fill SRN of ADT-1 filed for appointment of Auditor at the First AGM, would it be wrong? 

        14-09-2017 / 09:16:43 AM
        • Dear Neha,

          Yes, it will be wrong. 

          You can use the SRN of ADT-1 filed at first AGM in your case in the following years of filing till his appointment. We are putting in Z99999999 because no ADT-1 was filed for the first auditor appointment. However, if the company has filed ADT-1 for the first auditor of the company under section 139 (6), you should fill the respective SRN of ADT-1.

          27-01-2021 / 10:18:54 AM
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