Whether Invoice number is required to be filled in GSTR-1 in case of B2C transaction?

    Posted By : Rakhi / Published on : 08-Sep-2017 05:05 PM / View : 1027 / Comment : 3
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    Please tell me whether Invoice number is required to be filled in GSTR-1 in case of B2C transaction in the same way it is required to be filled in case of B2B transaction?
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    • No, If we file GSTR-1 then we have to fill separately details about B2B, B2CL (Inter-state outward supply to unregistered person and amount more than Rs.2,50,000/-, B2CS (Supply to unregistered person like ultimate customer other than B2CL). When we want to transfer credit to buyer, in such case The Invoice Number, Supply amount, Tax amount, GSTIN etc. must be filled. GSTR_Table.docx

      08-09-2017 / 06:05:14 PM
      • It simply means that ultimate customers have to bear the Burden of GST(Indirect Tax). So we have to fill detailed information in case of B2B Transaction and Limited Information when supply is made to unregistered Person.

        08-09-2017 / 06:12:16 PM
      • Note: In case of B2CL (Inter-state supply and Invoice value more than Rs.2,50,000/-) Supply, We have to fill details about Invoice number, Invoice value, and Place of Supply(State name). For EXPORT Supply, We have to fill Invoice details, Custom details, and Taxes paid on Purchase of Such Items/Goods/Services (as GST is Refundable where Expory conditions and criteria are met).

        09-09-2017 / 03:06:43 AM

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