An agreement with or by a minor.

    Posted By : Sarah Bhandari / Published on : 24-Oct-2018 02:50 PM / View : 135 / Comment : 1
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    What is the remedy available to the motor car dealer if a minor fraudulently overstates his age and takes delivery of a motor car after executing a promissory note in favour of the dealer for its price. He doesn't knowingly honour his promissory note.
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    • In my view, the onus to verify whether the other party to the contract is eligible or not to enter into a contract is on the person itself while entering into the contract.

      Hence, a person must check whether the other person (with whom he is entering into the contract) is eligible to become a party of the contract (he should not be a Bankrupt, of Unsound mind or a Minor).

      In the present case, if the Dealer is failed to verify the ineligibility of Minor then the Loss shall be born by him; but if the Minor willfully cheats the Dealer and the Dealer can prove the matter (working Bonafide) then Minor should be guilty and punished accordingly.

      24-01-2019 / 06:42:31 PM

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