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    Format for declaration under rule 8(2)(b)(xiii)

    Posted By : Ravi / Published on : 22-Apr-2018 10:20 AM / View : 14043 / Comment : 5

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    I need format for declaration to be made while applying for name approval through run for a nidhi company. Further require format for declaration regarding nidhi rules to be filed with spice form.
    Read more on : 82bxiii rule under declaration format


      Kindly open above link to view the Declaration as per NIDHI rule

      24-04-2018 / 05:24:15 AM
    • Declaration from all the subscribers
      should be attached stating that rule 4, 5, 6 and 10 of Nidhi Rules, 2014 shall be duly complied with.


      Pls share the formats


      22-07-2018 / 10:28:57 AM
    • Format of declaration rule 8(2)(b) (xiii) for incorporation of chit fund company,can anyone send as earliest

      26-09-2018 / 11:33:03 AM
    • 10-11-2018 / 06:33:02 AM
    • Nidhi Declaration
      In connection with the Incorporation of M/s ------------- Nidhi Limited,
      I ---------------being one of the Subscriber/Promoters of the Company, has gone through hereby declare that-
      1. That the proposed Company complied with the clause (1) to (5) of Rule 4 (Incorporation and Incidental Matters) of [Chapter XXVI Nidhis Rules, 2014].
      1. That the proposed Company will comply in the future with the clause (1) to (3) of Rule 5 (Requirements for Minimum Number of Members, Net Owned Fund etc) of [Chapter XXVI Nidhis Rules, 2014] failing this would attract liability for penal consequences.
      1. That the proposed Company had complied with the clause (a) to (k) of Rule 6 (General Restrictions or Prohibitions) of [Chapter XXVI Nidhis Rules, 2014]
      1. That the proposed Company would comply with clause (1) to (6) and sub- clause (a) to (c) of clause (6) of Rule 10 (Branches) of [Chapter XXVI Nidhis Rules, 2014]
      Further hereby undertake, that the company/directors shall insure that it/he has read/understood and complied or will comply as and when necessary, with all the necessary implications on the Nidhi Company under Companies Act, 2013 and corresponding rules stated under [Chapter XXVI Nidhis Rules, 2014]
      05-01-2023 / 07:53:43 AM
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