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    Please provide draft petition and other supporting documents for Compounding of AGM (

    Posted By : Rashmi / Published on : 06-Mar-2024 04:17 PM / View : 164 / Comment : 8

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    Please provide draft petition and other supporting documents for Compounding of AGM .
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    • Drafting legal documents such as a petition for Compounding of Annual General Meeting (AGM) would require specific legal expertise and knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. It's crucial to consult with a qualified attorney or legal professional who can provide personalized advice and assistance tailored to your specific situation.

      1. Petition for Compounding of AGM:

        • Introduction: Briefly introduce the petitioner (individual or company) and their relationship to the AGM in question.
        • Background: Provide a summary of the circumstances leading to the non-compliance with the provisions related to holding the AGM.
        • Statement of Facts: Present a detailed account of the events surrounding the failure to hold the AGM, including any relevant dates, communications, and actions taken.
        • Grounds for Compounding: Clearly state the grounds on which the petitioner seeks compounding of the AGM, such as inadvertent error, administrative oversight, or any other justifiable reasons.
        • Relief Sought: Specify the relief sought from the regulatory authority, which typically includes compounding of the offense and waiver of penalties.
        • Prayer: Conclude the petition with a prayer requesting the regulatory authority to accept the petition for compounding and grant the requested relief. super mario bros
      2. Supporting Documents:

        • Copy of Notice of AGM: Include a copy of the notice convening the AGM, if available.
        • Minutes of Meetings: Provide minutes of the meetings where the decision not to hold the AGM was discussed or any relevant resolutions were passed.
        • Correspondence: Include any correspondence exchanged with regulatory authorities or other relevant parties regarding the failure to hold the AGM.
        • Affidavit: Submit an affidavit signed by the authorized representative of the petitioner, affirming the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided in the petition.
        • Any other relevant documents: Depending on the specific circumstances, include any additional documents that support the petitioner's case for compounding of the AGM.
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