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    Aoc 4 wrong due date

    Posted By : damini / Published on : 11-Dec-2019 05:58 AM / View : 3842 / Comment : 3

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    Dear Team

    Due date in Aoc 4 was to be 31.12
    2019 (first agm of company) by mistake it was done 31.03.2019 by my associate and the form is approved, now while mgt 7 we are getting an error that there's a mismatch between due dates.

    What can be the possible solution for this
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    • You can have the incorrect Form removed by visiting the concerned ROC. They will ask you for a Board resolution along with affidavit from any two Directors. 

      11-12-2019 / 02:05:27 PM
    • Hi Damini,

      The answer is very simple.

      You need to visit the concerned ROC.

      Make a Declaration that due dates were selected wrong.

      No other changes will be made except changing the dates.

      Specify that this application is being made to enable the filing of MGT-7.

      For your information:

      In case of wrong due dates and non-selection of CFS, ROC deactivates the earlier-filed AOC-4 Form.

      Here is the format, please make the required changes as applicable case to case. Letter_to_ROC.docx

      05-02-2021 / 06:53:05 AM
    • If anyone needs professional assistance, feel free to email us at or ping on 9988424211. We will be more than happy to assist in this.

      27-02-2021 / 09:15:48 AM
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