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    Extension of Timelimit to Reply Trademark Objection (MIS-R)

    Posted By : Damini / Published on : 22-Aug-2023 05:47 AM / View : 424 / Comment : 3

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    Hi Everyone,

    There is one trademark application where the limit of one month has passed. Can we file for an extension? If yes, please let me know the procedure and eligibility, if any.
    Read more on : objection trademark reply timelimit extension

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    • In many jurisdictions, it is possible to file for an extension of time for a trademark application if the initial deadline has passed. This extension allows additional time to complete the requirements or submit the required documentation. However, the availability and requirements for extensions can differ depending on the jurisdiction where you applied. Share more about the online game geometry dash online.

      14-05-2024 / 08:04:51 AM
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