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    What are the features of RUN(Reserve Unique Name) web service?
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    • RUN form

      The new form introduced by the amendment Rules is the simple one than INC – 1 used for reservation of name.  This is one of the Government Process Re-Engineering initiatives for making the incorporation process speedy, smooth, simple and reducing number of procedures involved in starting a business. 

      This is a post-login service and existing users would need to login into their account using their credentials. New users are required to create a login account first before using the service. After login, they may click on the icon RUN (Reserve Unique Name) under the head ‘MCA Services’.

      The following is the procedure to be adopted in filling the form and to get the name approved by the CRC:

      • Entity type (This field is to be entered if a person is reserving the name for a company to be incorporated);
      • CIN – This field is to be entered if a person is applying for change of name for an existing company);
      • Proposed name – In this field the name selected for reservation is to be entered.  In INC – 1, one may opt for 6 names of the proposed company in the order of preference.  In RUN form only one option is available.   User has to enter the name he wants to reserve, for incorporation of a new company or for changing the name of an existing company. Users are requested to ensure that the proposed name selected does not contain any word which is prohibited 
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