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    GST ACT 2017

    Posted By : NISHA / Published on : 23-Feb-2018 10:48 PM / View : 812 / Comment : 2

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    What if a person sells his pre-owned car for Rs. 25 lacs to a dealer of second-hand cars, will he be covered under the casual taxable person and does he needs to deposit the tax?
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    • As per the GST Act,

      Personal Effects (Assets held by a Person for Personal Use including wearing apparel, car, and furniture) will not be termed as Supply (and, hence not liable for GST) after Primary Sale (It means only Secondary and Further Sales by Consumer is Exempt whereas Primary Sales by Dealer is Taxable).

      14-05-2018 / 08:53:06 AM
    • In the Present Case, 

      Sales by Consumer is not Taxable, but Dealer may be Liable to pay GST on Reverse Charge.

      14-05-2018 / 08:55:03 AM
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