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    Rectification in AOC-4

    Posted By : Anuradha / Published on : 27-May-2022 06:15 AM / View : 639 / Comment : 1

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    Can a filed AOC-4 be rectified?
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    • Yes, but in some specofic case and depnding upon the ROC:

      As per Rule 10(6) of the Companies Act 2013, if any form is approved through STP mode and ROC came to know about any defect in the form filed (Suo Moto, on receipt of any information or complaint from any source), then having power to mark that form as Defective in its record.

      Therefore, it is UNDERSTOOD that once a form FILED & approved through STP mode under rule 10(6) ROC only having power to make it defect after making an application on the ground under which other forms not getting filed due to inadvertant error in filed form.

      Such as:-

      Wrong date of AGM;

      Wrong due date of AGM;

      CFS not selected;

      Holding/Subsidiary option not selected;

      Under the above circumsatnces roc  doing the form deactivate subject to achual ground or issue in form. 

      01-06-2022 / 07:23:14 AM
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