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    Time Limit of Carrying Forward GST Input Tax Credit

    Posted By : Devashish / Published on : 11-Feb-2018 01:28 AM / View : 5764 / Comment : 1

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    Please tell me if there is any restriction/time limit for Input Tax Credit of GST which is available in Credit Ledger at GST Portal. Can I use this GST ITC (Credit Ledger) after 1 year for settlement of GST Liability??
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    • As of now,

      There is no such time limit to utilize your Input Tax Credit available at GST Portal under Credit Ledger.

      If you couldn't claim any ITC after payment of GST to your supplier, you can claim it in GSTR-3B till 30th September of Next Financial Year.

      Also, you can claim the refund of GST ITC available in Credit Ledger at GST Portal if you are not able to utilize it because of your output supply is either Exempt or Low Rate of GST is applicable than the Rate of GST on Inputs. You can claim it on the closure of the Financial Year i.e., after 31st March.

      29-07-2018 / 11:34:43 AM
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