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    wrong contribution figure of a LLP

    Posted By : damini / Published on : 09-Dec-2019 11:16 AM / View : 447 / Comment : 0

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    Dear Members,

    In an LLP, there are 36 partners and their actual contribution is of Rs.85,000/- each. Instead in the system it shows total contribution as 50 Crs and two DP contribution is of 24.97 Crs each and the rest 34 partners contribution is 15,000 only.

    These members were first admitted by taking a contribution of Rs.15,000/- and thereafter the contriution amount was increased to Rs.85,000/- each. But it appears for this form No.3 & 4 has not been filed.

    Now in order to file cessation of a DP, when we tried to file Form No. 3 & 4, this error appeared. Perhaps in the past somebody wrongly entered the figure of Rs.50 Crs.
    How to correct this mistake. It is not possible to file any further form No.3 & 4 without correcting this mistake. Please advice.
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